A Professional Training Contract is a legal document drafted between the professional training provider and the trainee.  These types of contracts lays down the information regarding type of training, its duration, amount paid for the same and other terms and conditions that has to be agreed by both the parties.

Sample Professional Training Contract

Professional Training Contract Number:  MW  7716

The registration of this contract is made on 22nd of March, 2011.

The terms and conditions of this contract are agreed between Jack Shephard referred to as the Professional Training provider and James Ford being the trainee at the professional training centre located at:


North Rivermede Road,


Ontario L4K 3R2.

Payment of the fees:

  • The payment for the amount of $1500 as the fees has to be made before the commencement of the training.
  • No amount will be refunded in case if trainee leaves the training in between
  • The fees will include the training material necessary for the trainee.

Other terms and conditions:

  • The training will be taken place for a period of six weeks and the trainee is expected to attend all the sessions in order to gain maximum knowledge.
  • The trainee will be provided with both theoretical and practical sessions in the particular area.
  • The training centre won’t be responsible for anything other than providing the material needed for the training.
  • The trainee will liable to compensate for any damages done to the premises of training centre or its equipments, etc.

Hence, both the parties are in approval of the above contract

Signature of the trainer:

Jack Shephard

Signature of the trainee:

James Ford

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