A private tenancy agreement is a contract drafted when a landlord gives his private property on rent to the tenant for the private use of the tenant. The document also acts a legal document. As a result, any dispute arising between both the parties regarding their individual responsibilities is avoided.

Sample Private Tenancy Contract

The private tenancy contract has been drafted on 10th March 2011 between

John Smith, the landlord located at:

5213 Green Maurice Road

New York New Jersey 2041


Will Hanks, the tenant residing at:

4125 Holy Hock Road,

New York New Jersey 2074

To rent the property located at:

52514 Henry Cooper Road,

New York New Jersey 2065

The total period of giving the property on rent is eleven months starting from 15th of March 2011and ending on 14th February 2012. Usage of property: private use residential purpose

The tenant agrees to:

  • The tenant shall pay an amount of $2000 as rent on a month to month basis.
  • The tenant shall have a right of protection from unfair eviction.
  • The tenant shall pay an amount of $10000 as deposit which is supposed to refunded at the expiration of lease.

The owner agrees to:

  • The owner shall pay for any maintenance or repair charges.
  • The owner shall have a right to inspect the premises on a regular basis.
  • The owner shall provide with electricity and water supply free of any cost.

The owner and tenant hereby agree and sign the agreement:

Signature of the landlord                                                              Signature of the tenant

John Smith                                                                                      Will Hanks

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