A private investment contract is a contract which is made by a person who doesnt represent any organisation and independently wishes to invest in a company or product. Such contracts are formal in nature and bind the parties together legally to a set of obligations.

Sample private investment contract:

Contract code: 12/p

This contract has been brought into effect as on 23rd June, 2011

This contract is made between Mr. Fredrick Downy and Tibber Corporation. Mr. Fredrick Downy is hereby referred to as the INVESTOR and Tibber Corporation is referred to as COMPANY.INVESTOR is investing a certain amount into the projects of the COMPANY as a private investor.

The following are the details of the involved parties:


Address: R-89, first floor, Timber end road, London

Phone: 493594504954

The INVESTOR owns a glass producing company on a small scale.


Address: 34-gh, second floor, Friends colony, London

Phone: 473987093505

The COMPANY is a large scale footwear producing company working in and around London

The following are the terms and conditions of the contract:

  • Payment details:

The INVESTOR wishes to invest an amount of $30000 in the COMPANY

  • Term of contract:

The termination of contract will take place 12 months after effective date on the 23rd day of June, 2012

  • The termination of contract can also take place if one of the two parties fails to live up to expectations of the contract.
  • The INVESTOR shall be given a share of 10% from the earnings of the business


Fredrick Downy                                    George Tibber (Tibber Corporation)

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