A prime vendor contract is an official document drafted when a distributor offers a pricing mechanism to the operators for the products purchased on a regular basis by the operators. In this contract the distributor is referred as the prime vendor and the operator is referred as the client and the contract is drafted with the intention of benefiting both the parties. The details mentioned in the contract include the cost at which the distributor is agreeing to sell the product to the client.

Sample Prime Vendor Contract

Contract number: GH4514

Date of registration: 25th of February, 2011

This contract is being drafted and entered between Jack Lane referred to as the prime vendor with office address at:

824 Sand Dune Road
North Dakota, New Carolina 46563.

And John Corporations Limited referred to as the client with their office premise located at:

Sun Set Apartment,

41 Render high Road,

Washington DC, North Carolina 8521

As per the contract the prime vendor has to supply lights and fans for the office premises of the client.

The terms and conditions to be agreed upon by both the parties are as follows:

  1. The prime vendor has to be paid in cash and two months supply will be paid in advance before the contract begins. The client has no option of credit lines.
  2. The prime vendor will be supplying the electronic items at five percent lesser that the market cost price.
  3. If any product is found damaged, the prime vendor has to replace it.

Signature of prime vendor:                                                                Signature of the client:

Jack Lane                                                           Nathan Lee

(Manager, John Corporations Limited)

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