A premier residential lease contract is a legal document which is drafted when one party referred to as the lessee takes on lease a premier residence owned by another party referred to as the lessor. The lease contains the details of the parties involved and terms and conditions agreed between them.

Sample Premier Residential Lease contract

This premier residential lease contract has been drafted and entered into on this day of 12th November, 2011 as per the Residential Lease Laws of the State of Colorado between Henry Cooper referred to as the lessor with a residential address of 10 Downing Street, Florida, Colorado and Neil Hen referred to as the lessee with a residential address of 20 Lake Place Street, Florida, Colorado.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The lessee is supposed to lease the premier residence of the lessor located at: 45 Jake Lee Road, Florida, Colorado.
  2. The contract commences from 15th November 2011 and is valid till 14th November 2013.
  3. The lessee is supposed to pay a security deposit of $20000, which is refundable. He has to pay a monthly rent of $3000 and three month’s rent in advance.
  4. The lessee assures that the residence won’t be occupied by any other person other him and his family member.
  5. The lessee will be held responsible, in case of any damage occurring to the property during the contract period.

In agreement to the above terms and conditions, both the parties have put their signature below:

Signature of lessor:                                                                           Signature of lessee:

Henry Cooper                                                                     Neil Hen




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