A preferred vendor contract is a legal document that is used in case when a COMPANY hires a PREFERRED VENDOR to get a job done. This contract lays down the terms and conditions of the agreement and has to be signed by both the parties.

Sample preferred vendor contract

This agreement is made effective from the date: 30’Th Jan, 2011

This agreement is made between two parties which are referred to as PREFERRED VENDOR and the COMPANY.

Mr. Fred Brad is herein referred to as the PREFERRED VENDOR and agrees to complete the task assigned by the COMPANY for a certain amount.

Address of PREFERRED VENDOR: 12-P, K block wing, London

Phone: 4738947934509

Mr. Tim Davis is herein referred to as the COMPANY and owns Davis Co. which deals in the manufacturing of wooden objects.

Address of COMPANY: w-9, hedge road, London

Phone: 468934738959

The PREFFERED VENDOR shall start the work of designing wooden furniture from: 1’St March, 2011

Duration of contract: 6 months

The items to be designed by PREFERRED VENDOR are: chairs, tables and beds

The total amount to be paid by COMPANY to PREFERRED VENDOR is: $1000

The following are the terms and conditions to be followed by both parties:

  • The PREFERRED VENDOR is supposed to finish the work within 6 months of contract.
  • The COMPANY agrees to make an advance payment of half the amount 7 days before starting the work.
  • The PREFERRED VENDOR shall use fine quality wood and create designs which are not copied.


Fred Brad            Tim Davis

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