A pool is an important part of a house, so it is very necessary to maintain it. Thus a pool maintenance contract is drafted when the responsibility of cleaning the pool is given to another individual or a pool cleaning organization. This document lists details the amount of money to be paid to the individual as pool maintenance fee and also details like the number of times he will be cleaning the pool in a month or a week.

Sample Pool Maintenance Contract

Pool Maintenance Contract Number: UJ 1245

Date of registering the contract: 9th March 2011

This contract has been drafted between Barry John with office at 5214 Alley Creek Road, Hampshire City New Dakota 7421 and May June residing at 5214 Rover Clean Road, Hampshire City New Dakota 7720. This contract has been drafted with the motive that Barry John will be given the responsibility to clean and maintain the swimming pool of John Fay on a monthly basis at his farmhouse located at:

78 Drive Way Avenue,

Hampshire City New Dakota 7322.

As per the contract:

  1. The service provider will be paid pool maintenance fee of $200 and the fees will be paid on a weekly basis.
  1. The service provider has to ensure that there is no excess chlorine in the pool water and a balance of chlorine content is maintained.
  1. The service provider assures that he will not neglect his service.

In contract to the above terms and conditions, find the signature of both the parties below:

Signature of the service provider:                                                  Signature of the client:

Barry John                                                                                           May June

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