A pizza centre franchise contract is a legal document which is entered between the owner of a chain of pizza centers and the individual taking up a franchise of the pizza center. The details mentioned in the contract include the terms to be followed by both the franchise holder as well as the owner of the chain of pizza centers.

Sample Pizza Centre Franchise Contract

Pizza Centre Franchise Contract Number: 45LC

This pizza centre franchise contract is made and entered between Mr. Joan Hamilton, hereinafter known as the franchise holder and Pan Pizza Centers known as the pizza center owner on 25th of February 2010 for taking the franchise of the pizza center at the following address:

52 Jane Austen Road,

New York, New Jersey 5231.

There are few terms and conditions that both the parties need to follow:

  1. The franchise holder has to pay the franchise license fees, which is an amount of $200000 in advance to the pizza center.
  2. The pizzas to be prepared at the franchise should use the standard recipe prescribed by Pan Pizza Centers. The menu at the franchise has to be similar with other franchise.
  3. The profit amount has to be shared on an equal percentage.
  4. Either of the parties can cancel the contract at any point of time prior to which they need to serve a notice period of one month.

Both the parties have agreed to the above terms and conditions

Signature of the franchise holder:                               Signature of the pizza center:

Joan Hamilton                                                              Henry Cooper,

(Managing Director, Pan Pizza Centers)

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