A photography service contract is a contract drafted when an individual agrees to do a photo shoot for an organization or take photographs of an individual. The terms and conditions mentioned in the contract depend on the kind of photography services being given.

Sample Photography Service Contract

Photography service contract number: 521S

Date of registering the contract: 3rd of March 2011

This contract has been drafted and entered into between Nicole Francis referred as the service provider staying at: 52 Jane Austen Road, New York, New Jersey 5231.

And Evergreen Stones and Diamonds referred to as the client. The office address of the client is 41 Render High Street, New York, New Jersey 5231.

Nicole Francis has to do photo shoot for the products of the client.

The following terms and conditions need to be followed by both the parties:

  1. The service provider will be paid a fee of $1000 per photo shoot. Eighty percent of the amount needs to be paid before the photo shoot begins.
  2. The service provider has to give the client a total number of 200 photographs. All the photos should be edited.
  3. The shoot should be done in the studio. The studio expenses will be paid separately.
  4. The products should be highlighted properly as per the requirements of the clients.

It is evident that both the parties have agreed to the terms and conditions and put their signature below:

Signature of the service provider:                                                  Signature of the client:

Nicole Francis                                                              John Lay

(CEO,        Evergreen Stones and Diamonds)

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