A photograph license contract is a legal document which is framed when a party or person wishes to use a photograph clicked by another person who his own personal use. Such contracts consist of certain terms and conditions based upon which the contract is signed.

Sample photograph license contract

This photograph license contract has been made effective on the date 12th July 2011

This contract is made by and between two parties, one of which is Mr. Fred Johnson who is the photographer of the picture and hereby referred to as the Licensor and Mr. Jonathon Hedley who is the person who wishes to use the picture and hereby referred to as the licensee.

This contract has been made in connection with the picture with the following details:

Picture date: 25th Oct, 2009

Picture details: black and white picture of a Dalmatian dog

The cost of the license granting: $10000

Duration of contract: 12 months

This contract shall terminate on 12th July 2012

License code: RT/67

The following are the certain terms and conditions to be followed by both the involved parties:

  • The licensee agrees to make the payment in a wholesome way before the effective date of the contract
  • The licensor agrees to grant license of the mentioned picture to the licensee on the condition that he cannot use that picture in any other format or colours. The picture has to be reproduced exactly the way it is handed over to him.

The following are the signatures of the parties:

Fred Johnson

Jonathon Hedley

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