A personal investment contract is one that is entered into by an individual investor with a company for making personal investments. These types of contracts include the details of the parties involved and the terms and conditions agreed between them.

Sample Personal Investment Contract

This agreement of personal investment is entered into between ABC Investment Limited hereafter known as “Financial Company” and Mr. Jacob Anthony hereafter known as investor on the 5th of March 2013 wherein the investor agrees to invest an amount of 15000 pounds into the financial company.

Recitals of the Personal Investment contract :

  • The contract of personal investment between the parties is effective from the 10th of March 2013.
  • The investor is willing to invest an amount of 10000 pounds with the company for an annual interest accruable at the rate of 18% per annum which is payable quarterly by the company directly into the bank account of the investor.
  • The financial company agrees to guarantee the principal amount invested by the company and promises to pay a penalty of 1% per month in case of not refunding the investment to the investor on maturity.
  • The investment made by the investor in the financial company is locked in for a term period of three years after which the investor can withdraw the amount without any penalty. When the investor withdraws the amount invested within a period of three years there is a penalty of 1% applicable on the principal amount calculated on actuarial basis on the time frame remaining.
  • The financial company is required to provide investment certificate to the investor within fifteen days of receipt of the investment amount without fail. In the event of non-compliance with this clause tenders the investor to seek legal remedy as necessary.
  • The civil court of Kent will govern the terms specified in this investment contract and any dispute should be taken to the appropriate court in the state of Kent only.

Signature of the Financial Company representative: ___________

Signature of the Investor: ________________

Date: _______________________

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