A person assistant agreement contract is a formal document which is drafted in the case when a person hires a personal assistant on an agreement or contractual basis. Such a contract defines the fact that the personal assistant will work for the employer for a certain period of time and will be paid a certain amount of monthly/yearly/hourly salary. Such a contract is a legally binding document which means that within its contract term, if any of the parties violate the terms or conditions, then that party has to face legal implications or action.

A personal assistant agreement contract is divided into several parts. The first part defines the parties, their addresses, contact numbers and other such details. The next part defines the effective date of contract, its total contract period and its termination date. The contract must also define the roles and responsibilities of the involved parties as well as the total salary which the employer will pay to the employee. The terms and conditions are the most important section of any such contract and stress on the various rules and clauses of the arrangement made.  A personal assistant agreement contract must be signed off at the end by both parties.

Sample Personal Assistant Agreement Contract:

personal assistant agreement contract

Download Personal Assistant Agreement Contract


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