A partnership contract template is a ready to use document in case when two or more individuals or organizations agrees to enter into a partnership agreement. This type of template mentions all the terms and conditions agreed by all the parties.

Sample Partnership Contract Template:

This partnership contract has been made on ____________ [date on which on the contract is drafted] between __________ [partner party 1] and ______________ [partner party 2]. Both the parties have entered into a partnership business under the name _________ [name of the company formed] specializing in _________________ [service provided by the business] with an office at _________________ [address at which the office is located]. The contract has been prepared as per ______________ [act followed in the contract] under the state of _____________ [state in which the law was found].

Both the parties have agreed to follow the below mentioned terms and conditions:

  • ___________ [partner party 1] will be investing _________ [amount invested in dollars] and ___________ [partner party 2] will be investing _________ [amount invested in dollars].
  • The earnings will be shared on a _______________ [percentage in which the earnings will be shared] where _______________ [partner party 1] will receive _________ [percentage of earning received] and _____________ [partner party 2] will receive __________ [percentage of earning received].
  • ___________ [partner party 1] will bring in the capital for _____________ [aspect of business borne by the individual] and ______________ [partner party 2] will bring in the capital for _______ [aspect of business borne by the individual].

Both the parties have signed below in regards to their acceptance of the terms and conditions:

_____________                                                                 ______________

[Partner party 1]                                                                 [Partner party 2]

Dated: ________                                                                 Dated: ___________

[Date of entering into contract]                                          [Date of entering into contract]

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