A partnership contract letter is a formally drafted letter which is used to lay down the terms and conditions and details of a partnership contract. Any partnership contract letter is sent from one party of the partnership to another to seal the clauses of the contract. Any partnership contract letter consists of certain legally binding terms and conditions which are to be agreed upon by both the parties. Given below is a sample of a partnership contract letter which can be used by anyone for reference or help.

Sample Partnership Contract Letter:


Peter Billy

MD, Tim Corporation

T-56, second floor, Markson lane

Toronto, Canada


18th June 2012


To Mr. Billy,

Sir, this is to inform you that I, Fred Wilson have agreed to sign this partnership contract for a period of 12 months terminating at 18th June 2013. You shall be termed as PARTNER 1 in this contract and I on behalf of my company shall be termed as PARNTER 2.

Terms and conditions:

  • PARTNER 1 and PARTNER 2 will be equally responsible for handling all the duties of the contract or the partnership such as business marketing, sales, accounts, finances.
  • PARTNER 1 and PARTNER 2 shall share all the profits and expenses of the restaurant chain business equally amongst them for the entire period of contract.

The partnership shall make it obligatory for both the parties to work together as a single entity and this partnership cannot be terminated prematurely until one of the parties violates the terms.

Thanking you

Fred Wilson

23-h, first floor, Kell tower, CA


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