A partnership contract example is a sample of a contract which is drafted so as to help people get an idea about how exactly a partnership contract looks like. Partnership contract is a formally drafted document which is formed between two parties who agree to become partners in an area of common interest such as a business enterprise, a business venture or any other related field. These contracts have certain terms and conditions which are to be agreed upon by both the parties. Given below is a sample of a partnership contract example.

Sample partnership contract example:

This partnership contract has been made effective as on 4th march 2012

This partnership contract shall remain into effect for 12 months.

This partnership contract will terminate on 4th march 2013

This partnership contract is formed between the parties with the titles ‘PARTNER 1’ and ‘PARTNER 2’ whose details are given as follows:


Name: Freddie Hedley

Contact number: 477403947034

Official address: 3-h, second floor, Tim square tower, LA


Name: Rudley Mathews

Contact number: 447409440404

Address: Q-89, third floor, Modern estate building, CA

Both the partners agree to conduct a business partnership for a period of 12 months in which they shall be partners for a furnishings business.

Terms and conditions of the partnership contract:

  • The Partners shall share the expenses and profits of the partnership equally amongst themselves.
  • PARTNER 1 shall be responsible for handling finances, accounts and office management.
  • PARTNER 2 shall be responsible for handling marketing, sales, employee relations and business operations.


Freddie Hedley

Rudley Mathews

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