A parole international contract is a written document which is signed and drafted when a prisoner of a court is set free on contract basis for certain duration of time and he is put into a prison of another country. Such contracts are legally binding in nature and the prisoner is bound to certain conditions which he has to follow and abide by while in contract period.

Sample Parole International Contract:

Parole International Contract

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This contract is made effective as on 25th Jan 2011

This contract has been drafted by and between Mr. Jack Aniston who is the PRISONER and Mr. Henry Bing who is the INCHARGE of the police department of London.

The details of the parties are given as follows:


Residential address: 3-h, second floor, Mark square, London

Total time of serving: 5 years

Years completed: 2 years

Parole time: 3 years


Jail address: 2-j, Francis block, London

Contact number: 4733270320033

The INCHARGE manages the accounts of those prisoners serving for crimes such as theft and robbery.

Duration of contract: 3 years

Termination date: 25th Jan 2014

The following are the terms and conditions of the contract:

  • The PRISONER must sign an application of presence at the Jail headquarters every week on a Monday
  • The INCHARGE must keep a check on activities of the PRISONER
  • The PRISONER cannot travel outside the country without permission of the Jail authorities in any conditions.
  • The PRISONER cannot indulge in any illegal activities during period of contract.

Signatures of the parties:

Jack Aniston

Henry Bing

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