An outsourcing service contract is a service contract which is drafted when an organization gives  another organization the responsibility of doing a certain part of its work. This process of giving the responsibility of its work to another organization is known as outsourcing. The details mentioned in the contract include the kind of work outsourced, amount of remuneration of the outsourced company and other terms and conditions agreed between the parties.

Sample Outsourcing Service Contract

This contract has been drafted and entered into on this effective date of 3rd of March 2011 between Morgan Stanley Bank referred to as the business having office at 31 Minimum Length Road, Kentucky, North Carolina 6234 and Organ Business Process Outsourcing referred to as the outsourcing service provider having an office at 20 Maximum Length Road, Kentucky, North Carolina 6240.

As per the contract, the business is outsourcing their customer service department to the outsourcing service provider.

Specifications of outsourcing:

  1. The outsourcing service provider will be attending to all the calls and queries of the customer of the business and will be solving them. The outsourcing service provider will be doing this over telephone with the help of a team of tele callers.
  2. The outsourcing service provider has to attend a minimum of five hundred customer calls per day.
  3. The outsourcing service provider will be provided an amount of $10 per call.
  4. The business will update the outsourcing service provider with complete knowledge of the process from time to time.

Signature of the business:                                           Signature of outsourcing service provider:

Lay Chips                                                                       Fay Drunk

(MD, Morgan Stanley Bank)                                (MD, Organ Business Process Outsourcing)

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