An opportunistic breach of employment contract is issued by the employer organization to the employee as advance information of terminating current services or to provide the services at low tariffs.

Sample Opportunistic Breach of Employment Contract

Contract Number: 56- D

Date of the Contract Executed: October 15th, 2010

Type of contract:  Opportunistic

This opportunistic employment contract is issued by the Eagle Sales Pvt. Ltd to inform Mr. David Peterson to terminate the Sales services provided by him in Canada otherwise, the employee has to sign a new contract.

Whereas, this contract is based on the employment contract commenced on October 16th, 2008 and is terminating on 16th, 2010.

Hereby, following are the official grounds initiated this contract:

(a)By reviewing the previous sales records and expenses, Eagle Sales Pvt. Ltd has decided to sell off this business unit. In regard to that the employer organization is issuing this contract to the employee for acceptance.

(b)The employer is ready to clear the pending dues after receiving the signed contract. This amount will be transacted to the employee’s account within five working days.

(c) In case, the employee is not willing to sign the contract, he or she has to sign a new contract in which the employer will pay less payment to continue with the same services.

Both the parties are requested to sign the contract after understanding the above mentioned clauses:

Signature of the concerned authority:                                     Signature of the Employee:

Nancy Smith                                                                                   David Peterson


Managing Director

Postal Address:  23- H, Fly Wings Lane

Ottawa, Canada

Contact Number: 5760 568 3209


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