Oil dealership contract is a legal written document where in two parties enter into an agreement with each other. In these two parties one is the seller of the crude oil and other is referred as the buyer of the crude oil.

Sample Oil Dealership contract

Contract number: – CO/34-7B

Date of commencement: – 10th July 2009

This contract is signed between

Petrobras ltd. The BUYER with office address of

35th building, 1st turn

New York, United States of America


Harpes Corp. The SELLER with office address of

African Avenue

Toronto, Canada

United States of America

Petrobras ltd. (Buyer) and Harpes Corp. (Seller) have agreed to sign a contract for a time period of 10 yrs.  Under the following facts:-

  • Purpose and Quantity:- the seller has agreed to deliver 100 barrels of crude oil every week to the buyer and the buyer has agreed to make the payments in full and final
  • Quality:- the quality of the crude oil should be as per standard
  • Delivery Site: – the oil should be delivered by the seller on the mentioned address of the buyer.
  • Prices: – all prices are subject to change as per the US dollar.
  • Shipment charges:- all the charges of the shipment shall be borne by the Seller
  • Other expenses: – all the expenses are the liability of the seller and the Buyer has no responsibility what so ever.


Any violation on the above mentioned conditions will lead to termination of the contract.

Here after the contract is said to be valid

Signature of the Buyer

Petrobras ltd.

Signature of the Seller

Harpes Corp.

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