A notice of termination of business contract is a kind of a notice which is formal in nature and is written in order to inform a party or a person about the termination of a business contract formed between the sender and the recipient. Any such notice is written in a formal format as an intimation to let the recipient party know that the business contract shall no longer be effective. If you are looking for a sample of a notice of a termination of business contract, then please refer to the following given example.

Sample Notice of Termination of Business Contract:

This is a notice of termination of a business contract that was formed between the parties with the following details:

PARTY 1 Details:

Name: Mr. Jackson Andrews

Name of company: Darwin Andrews and sons

Official address: Q-45, second floor, Martin road, London

Telephone number: 49034707503

PARTY 2 Details:

Name: Mr. Tim Gregson

Name of company: Aston Hendrickson Company

Official address: A-78, friend’s avenue, London

Mobile number: 432904730

The termination of business contract shall be effective from 5th Oct 2012

Commencement date of business contract: 5th Oct 2011

Effective period: 12 months

The following are the details of the termination of business contract:

  • None of the parties can conduct business with each other from 5th Oct onwards.
  • This termination also brings into effect the termination of the confidentiality agreement signed between the parties to keep details of business contract undisclosed.
  • PARTY 1 shall no longer supply electronic goods to the PARTY 2 and PARTY 2 shall no longer order any goods from PARTY 1.
  • If there are any dues or balance payments to be made, they must be done before 5th Oct 2012.
  • Both the parties must clear all pending orders etc before the termination date.


Jack Parkinson (lawyer)

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