A new construction contract is a document signed between two parties one of which is the construction company and other is the client who wishes to get a new construction work done. Such contracts are framed when one construction project is completed and the same client wishes to hand over work of a new project to the construction company.

Sample New Construction Contract

New Construction Contract

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This contract is being signed between Mr. Nathan Vaughn and Mr. Peter O’ Donnell as on 28th March 2009 with effect as on 1st April 2009. The service required is construction of a house as per the contractor’s specifications.

Date of Commencement: 1st April 2009

Date of Completion: 1st October 2009

Details of Constructor/ Construction Co.:

Name: Mr. Nathan Vaughn

Official Address: 3 Six Flags, Boulevard Jackson, NJ

Contact No.: 263 692- 6767

Details Of the Contractor:

Name: Mr. Peter O’ Donnell

Address: 3rd St. Gorge Road, Pennsylvania

Contact No.: 302 939- 6187

Details of construction property:

Address: 3rd St. Gorge Road, Pennsylvania

Terms and Conditions

  1. The construction must be completed on/ before the date already mentioned above in the contract.
  2. All the construction work and the house plan must comply with the housing construction norms/ laws. No violations shall be made.
  3. The payments for the construction work will be made on the weekly basis.
  4. All the work shall be done as per specifications. If not then the cost of re-doing shall be borne by constructor.
  5. Violation of this contract by either party in legally punishable.

Signature of parties involved:

________________________                                               _______________________

Mr. Nathan Vaughn                                                                   Mr. Peter O’ Donnell

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