A mutual confidentiality contract is a legitimate document which is produced between the two interested business entities or entrepreneurs in order to protect some secret information and to make sure that it is not leaked to any third party.

Sample Mutual Confidentiality Contract:

Contract number; 673/ MCA

Date; February 13th, 2011

This Mutual Confidentiality Contract is prepared & entered between Eagles Sales Pvt. Ltd, Address: Office No: 67/ K, Wing- G, Amanda Square, New York, America, hereinafter called as the Buyer Party.


Harrison Group of Companies Pvt. Ltd, Address: Office No: 8, 5th floor, Spencer Plaza, Bakers Road, New York, America, hereinafter called as the supplier. Together referred as both the parties

Whereas, both the parties are willing to commence a business relationship for exploring new trade opportunities and commencing this contract for keeping the transaction information mutually secret.

This contract is commencing from February 14th, 2011 and is ending on February 14th, 2012.

Restrictions & Covenants:

Obligations & Duties:

The buyer party will pay $ 56700 for the supply of the committed computer hardware components on 7th of every month, whereas the supplier party will deliver the lot on time.

Acknowledgement of the Confidentiality:

The buyer and the supplier will exchange the certain trade information with each other and are strictly committed to preserve the data & business fact secret. Both the parties will ensure that any kind of outflow of the sensitive information should not take place.


Any violation to the above mentioned term & conditions can cause the termination of this contract.

Acceptance of the Mutual Confidentiality contract:

Buyer Party:                                                                                   Supplier Party:

Joan Smith                                                                                      Hannah Timberlake

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