A music management contract is a document drafted when a music company hires an individual in the designation of a music manager. The contract states the terms and conditions that the music manager has to agree to in order to make the contract valid. The details of the service to be rendered by the music manager are sometimes mentioned in the contract.

Sample Music Management Contract

Music Management Contract Number: TY 5678

Effective date of contract: 10th of November 2011

This music management contract has been drafted and entered into between Glen Eagles and Universal Records. As per the contract Universal Records referred to as the music company is hiring Glen Eagles in the position of music manager for their music company.

Details of the music manager:

Residential address: 78 Tango Charlie Road,

New York, New Jersey 6789.

Phone number: 90876

Details of the music company:

Chief Office Address: 67 Kansas City Road,

New York, New Jersey 6745.

Phone number: 56789

Fax number: 89076

As per the contract:

  1. The music manager will have to look after the promotion and sales of the albums recorded by the artistes of the music company. He is also responsible for getting stage shows for the artistes.
  2. The music manager will get a fixed monthly salary of $5000. Above that he will get two percent commission for any stage shows that he gets.
  3. The music manager has to be present whenever a music album is being launched at a store.

In agreement to above:

Signature of the music manager: Glen Eagles

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