A music license contract is one that is used to obtain license for the use of a copyrighted music. The music license is issued by the creators of music as they need to get benefit for their creative talent in monetary form. The music license contract gives the rights of usage of the music work of the owner in a specific way by providing for the various terms and conditions in the contract.The owner of the music license is known as the licensor and the one who obtain the rights is known as the licensee. The licensor gets compensated by issuing the license to the licensor in two ways which have to be specified in the contract. The music owner can either obtain a onetime license fee or opt for royalty payments according to willingness.

Sample Music License Contract

The music license contract comes into effect from the 01st of July 2013 between Mr. David Legett who is the owner and licensor of music and Mr. Mathew Riddle who is the licensee in the contract.

Terms of the music license contract :-

1. The licensor through this contract provides the license to the licensee for a onetime fee of 25000 pounds which needs to be paid before obtaining the rights over the music work into the bank account of the licensor.

2. The licensor provides the copyrights of the created music to the licensee which provides the licensee the right to copy the music work and will not amount to infringement of copyrights in any form of reproduction.

3. The licensee receives making use of the music creation for live performances and even broadcast of recorded music without any limitations.

4. The licensee has complete rights on the music creation which enables recreation, making use of recorded music and playing the same at designated locations without any limitations.


Signature of the licensor: ______________

Signature of the licensee: _________________

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