A music investor contract is a legal document signed between investors and a music production company or film production company with rights to the music used in it. In such a contract, the music company raises money for production through the money invested in it by a group of investors, and based on the sales of the music album or soundtrack, the investors get returns according to a previously fixed interest rate.

You can Download the Free Music Investor Contract form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Music Investor Contract is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Music Investor Contract:

Music Investor Contract

Download Music Investor Contract

This music investment contract is entered on the 4th of September by and between the following parties:


Name: Rory Tippen

Address: 8374 Palm Avenue, New York

Contact number: 6469836578


Name: Jason Manners

Address: 17 Boulevard Street, New York

Contact number: 6468563548


Name of music production company: Harmony Inc

Address: 19 Jolly Ride, New York

Contact number: 6468461314


  • The above mentioned investors agree to investment an amount of $50,000 each in the music production company, during which the latter has a right to use the money for production and post-production purposes of the album “Go get it!” by artiste James Miller.
  • The investors shall each have the right to 5% of the revenues generated by the sales of the music of the album besides getting back the amount they invested.
  • All parties agree that there are risks involved and as there is no guarantee that the album will succeed, there is no guaranteed return on their investment.

Signature: Rory Tippen

Signature: Jason Manners

Signature: Josey Hammer

Designation: Manager, Harmony Inc

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