A music contract, as the name depicts, is prepared between the Music Company / recording company and the music academy or an individual in order to hire song scripts, vocal artists and stage shows services.

Sample Music Business Contract

Contract Number: 12- MS

Date: October 14th, 2010

This music contract is made between

Record Company: New Arena Music Company Pvt. Ltd

Postal Address: 45- B, Hamilton Street,

New York, America

Phone Number: 4590 549 5830

Hereinafter called the “The company”


Academy: New Ages Music Academy

Correspondence:  45- B, Wing- D,

South Extension, New York


Contact Number: 5839 582 5850

Hereinafter called the “The music academy”

Whereas the music academy received the request from the company to commence a long term business relationship in order to provide services and the company is interested to hire the music academy.

Following mentioned are the covenants and conditions to be pursued by both the parties:

Project Commitment:

According to the requirement, the music academy will deliver the best services in music & song scripts and vocal recordings. The entire responsibility of record preparation will be done by the music academy.


The company will pay $ 4500 in advance to start the contract, whereas the pending amount of $7600 will be handed over after the completion of the project.

Total Charges & fees:

The total documentation fees and processing charges will be adjusted by both the parties.


If the music academy causes any violation to the above mentioned term & conditions, this project will be treated as cancelled.

Hereby, both the parties are agreed with the above mentioned clauses and are ready to sign the contract:

Signature of the Authorized person from the company:

Emma Smith

Signed by the concerned person from the music academy:

Tina McGraw

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