A motorcycle sales contract is commenced between the auto dealer or an individual who is selling his motorcycle and the buyer (individual/ organization) of the motorcycle.

This contract mentions the price, the details of the motorcycle and all other details agreed by both the parties.

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Sample Motorcycle Sales Contract:

Contract Number: 12- M

Motorcycle registration Number: DFH 3456

This motorcycle sales contract is made on October 12th, 2010 between & by Mr. Tom Hudson, hereinafter known as the seller party residing at: 34/ J, Link Apartments, New Wales Road, Toronto, Canada AND Mr. Jack Swanson, hereinafter referred as the buyer  located at: 45/ K, New City Hall, Toronto, Canada

This contract is valid from October 19th, 2010.

In consideration to the understanding, following are the official contract clauses valid to both the parties:

(a) Buyer obligations:

The buyer is seeking to buy the underneath motorcycle model:

Model: Hero Honda

Years: 2009

Condition: second- hand

Accessory requirement: All

Price inclusive of all taxes: $ 1000

(b) Payment Terms:

The buyer will pay the full amount at the time of delivery through the bank transaction option only.  The total amount of the registration fee will be adjusted by both the parties.

(c) Termination:

The termination period of this contract is 15 days. Within this duration if the buyer feels unsatisfied with the vehicle, he or she can claim to get the 50% amount of the total payment from the seller by returning the motorcycle. If any issue occurred, which is serious in nature, this contract will be treated as terminated.

Therefore, both the parties will sign off the given section in order to convey their acceptance to the contract:

Signature of the Seller:

Tom Hudson

Signature of the Buyer:

Jack Swanson

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