A model home construction contract is a type of contract which is made for the purpose of construction, repair or remodelling of a home. Such contracts are made between construction companies or contractors and the owners of construction sites based upon a number of terms and conditions which have to be followed by the involved parties.

Sample Model Home Construction Contract:

Model Home Construction Contract

Download Model Home Construction Contract

This contract has been entered into by the parties as on 2nd July 2011

This contract has been made by and between Mr. Paul Earnest who is the OWNER of the property and Mr. Henry Bing who is the CONSTRUCTION COMPANY.

The details of the parties are given as follows:


Address: 3-G, time building, Marks road, London

Contact number: 477834094040


Address: Q-12, second floor, Hackel estate, London

Contact number: 479794893409

Construction details:

The construction involves remodelling of the address of the owner which shall include painting, white washing, and furniture re polishing work.

The materials shall be provided by the owner on request by the CONSTRUCTION COMPANY

Estimated date of finishing of work and termination of contract: 2nd Sep 2012

Total cost of construction: $10000

Terms and conditions:

  • The construction company may be required to do work as and when the owner decides.
  • The OWNER must make half the payment before commencement of work and the rest half after completion of work.
  • The materials must be provided by the owner or the money must be paid to the construction company for buying the materials.

Validation of the parties:

Paul Earnest                          Henry Bing

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