A media partnership contract is entered by organisations which do not have a big advertising budget but choose a medium like a particular newspaper, magazine or TV channel to showcase itself or a particular event. The media partner thus helps publicise the organisation for a sum of money, while the media brand also gains more readers or viewership because of the event.

Sample Media Partnership Contract:

This media partnership contract is entered as on December 15, 2010 by and between Sun Entertainment, herewith referred to as the COMPANY and New Age newspaper, herewith referred to as the MEDIA PARTNER.

A per the contract, the MEDIA PARTNER shall be responsible for the promotion of the annual TV Awards organised by Sun Entertainment to be held on December 28, 2010.

The MEDIA PARTNER agrees to make banners for the COMPANY about the event on the PARTNER’s website and shall give the schedule of the event in the website too.

The MEDIA PARTNER shall receive a sum $5,000 for promoting the event on behalf of the COMPANY.

Additional responsibilities of the MEDIA PARTNER include carrying a 25×4 ad on the back page of the newspaper every weekend till the day of the event.

On the day of the event, the MEDIA PARTNER shall carry a half page ad on the front page to display all information and necessary details related to the event.

The COMPANY shall provide to the MEDIA PARTNER exclusive rights to interviews and photographs of the event and the MEDIA PARTNER shall have the right of first usage among other publications.

Signature: Sun Entertainment

Signature: New Age

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