A master vendor contract is a contract which signed between a retail vendor and the retail supplier. The contract records the details of the arrangement according to which the parties intend to trade the respective goods or services. A sample master vendor contract has been given below for the convenience of those who need to frame similar contracts.

Sample Master Vendor Contract

The contract has been prepared by and is being signed between M/s Hanson Cromer Ltd. and Jansen Jolly Shops as on the 15th day of February, 2012.

The contract states that the retail supplier M/s Hanson Cromer Ltd. will supply 500 units of item 23754, and 600 units of item 78475 to the retailer Jansen Jolly Shops

Date of delivery: 17th February, 2012

Details of the Retail Vendor:

Official Name: Jansen Jolly Shops

Authorized person: Mr. Jonny Limes

Position: Manager

Contact No.: 457-78-453

Details of the Retail Supplier:

Official Name: M/s Hanson Cromer Ltd

Authorized person: Ms. Kelly Hanson

Position: Senior Manager

Contact No.: 457-77-346

Terms and Conditions of the contract:

  1. The delivery should be made no later that the date of delivery stated above.
  2. The retails supplier is responsible for making the transport arrangements and is also suppose to bear damages in transit (if any).
  3. The payments in regard to the goods will be made once the retail vendor receives the goods in sound condition and finds the order to be as per specifications.
  4. The contract is legally binding and all the terms must be complied with.


__________________________ (Mr. Jonny Limes)

__________________________ (Ms. Kelly Hanson)

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