A master sales contract is a document which is drafted when two separate sales or purchase contracts between both the parties is drafted as one single legal document. It is the master contract which dictates the various terms and conditions required to be followed by both the parties. The contract states the purchase and selling price, contract validity date etc.

Sample Master Sales Contract

This master sales contract has been drafted and entered into on this effective date of 10th of July 2011 between GL Technologies referred to as the seller and Techno Solutions referred to as the buyer. As per the contract the seller will provide hardware as well as software solutions to the buyer.

Details of the seller:

Principal office address: 47 West Side Street

Miami, Los Angeles 2345

Office number: 67356

E mail id: gl@mail.com

Details of the buyer:

Principal office address: 54 East Side Street

Miami, Los Angeles 2367

Office number: 67321

E mail id: tech@mail.com

The terms and condition agreed upon by both the parties are as follows:

  1. The buyer will buy the software developed by the seller for their office applications. The seller will also be providing computer hardware to the buyer which will delivered by the seller to the buyer’s office.
  2. The contract is valid till 10th of July 2013. The buyer can terminate the contract before that if they find lack in quality of the service provided by the seller.
  3. The buyer has to make payment to the seller in advance.

Signature of the seller:                                              Signature of the buyer:

Lee Cooper                                                                                  Ben Travis

(MD, GL Technologies)                                                      (MD, Techno Solutions)

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