A marriage license contract is one that is entered into between a man and a woman who want to enter the wedlock. This contract is entered into between the couple and the State wherein the couple seeks permission from the State to enter the wedlock. The contract specifies all the terms and conditions that needs to be fulfilled by the couple in order to get married. The marriage license contract entails the couple to lose personal control of the property or children they have and the ownership lies with the State only. A marriage license contract is usually obtained by couples belonging to different race who want to enter the wedlock.

Sample Marriage license contract

This marriage license contract is entered into by the State with Mr. Roger Adams and Sylvania Evans who wish to enter into wedlock by obtaining the state license of marriage.

Particulars of the Marriage License Contract

1. Details of the man who wants to undertake marriage in the contract – Mr. Roger Adams, #4, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, London, CF15.

2. Details of the woman who wants to undertake marriage in the contract – Ms. Sylvania Evans, #45, Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan, London, CF31.

3. Date of entering the wedlock – 15th March 2013

4. Marriage license contract number – RO2234SY

5. Municipal clerk witnessing the marriage license contract – Mr. Gordon Anthony.

Terms of Marriage License Contract 

  • The man and woman agree to obtain the marriage license with the State by forfeiting their properties and the children that will be borne through the wedlock to the State.
  • The man and woman will have no right to dissolve the marriage under any circumstances and will be considered to be illegal by the State.
  • The state reserves the right to take control of the property and children in the event of death of any one partner according to the terms set by the State in this marriage license contract.


Signature of the man: _____________

Signature of the woman: _______________

Signature of the state representative: _________________

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