A marketing consulting services contract is a type of a contract which is made between a marketing consultant and a company or employer who hires the consulting services for a fixed period of time. A contract of this nature is framed so as to seal all those points which have already been discussed between the parties and are important for their association during the contract term. The contract is formed from the commencement date onwards and till a certain termination date and the period in between these two dates is known as the effective term. The contract must give the exact amount that the employer will pay to the marketing consulting service provider or consultant.

A marketing consulting services contract is a document which holds legal importance. This means that if any party goes against its details, then the other party will have the right to press charges against it.  The contract protects the parties from cheating or fraud and gives them a chance to sell and buy services in a mutually beneficial environment. A marketing consulting services contract should contain the detailed terms and conditions which must define the manner of conduct and the rules and regulations of the association.

Sample Marketing Consulting Services Contract:

Marketing Consulting Services Contract

Download Marketing Consulting Services Contract


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