A marketing consultant contract is initiated between the consultant and the marketing organization in order to establish a relationship in which the consultant commits to provide the services in all marketing related matters by charging a fixed amount.

Sample Marketing Consultant Contract:

Consultant contract number: 56/ CC

Effective date: November 24th, 2010

This contract is commenced between Rainbow Marketing consultancy services Pvt. Ltd, hereinafter referred as the consultant organization, AND, Wilma Marketing services Pvt. Ltd, hereinafter refereed as the Client Organization.

Contact details:

Client Organisation: Office No: 3/ H, Down street Road New York, America

Phone: 3298 675 6869

Consultant Organization: Office No: 8/ K, Salt Lake Society, New York, America

Phone: 6879 473 7686

All the policies and strategies inclusive of internal matters will be discussed.

This contract is commencing on November 26th, 2010 and is terminating on November 26th, 2011.

Hence, the terms & conditions which are to be followed by the both organizations are as follows:

Duties of the Consultant organization:

The consultant organization is agreed to provide the above mentioned consultancy services.

Obligations of the client organization:

The client organization will provide the full support and keep the monetary matters up to date.

Payment clause:

The client organization will pay $ 45670 in advance to initiate the contract with the consultant organization, whereas the rest amount will be paid in instalments on the 7th of every month.


Any kind of legitimate issue can lead to the termination of the marketing consultant contract, where the guilty party will be charged with 40% of the charges.

Hereby, both the parties are requested to sign and validate the marketing consultant contract:

Signature of the client organization:

Jon Roberts

Signature of the consultant organization:

Tia Smith

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