A marital separation contract is a legal document drafted when two individuals married to each other decide to end their marital life and separate from each other legally. The contract has details like the name and other personal details of both the individuals and the terms and conditions that both have to agree to after getting separated.

Sample Marital Separation Contract

Separation contract number: RS5421

Date Of registration: 12th April, 2010

This separation contract has been drafted and entered between Mr. Henry Lee referred to as the husband and Mrs. Katy Lee referred to as the wife.

The husband and wife were legally married on 15th of March, 2006.

Details of children:

Tom Lee, son four years old

Lily Lee, daughter two years old

Brett Lee, son eleven months old

Both husband and wife have been staying together at the following address since they got married:

12 Kilo Weight Road

Land Mark, Los Angeles 5412.

Personal details of husband:

Office address: 12 Mile Length Road

Land Mark, Los Angeles 5412

Contact number: 52413521

Email id: hen@male.com

Personal details of wife:

Office address: 41 Aspen High Street,

New York, New Jersey 4512.

Contact number: 52413839

Email id: kat@fmale.com

As per the contract there are few terms and conditions to which both the parties need to agree:

  1. The custody of the elder son will go to the husband. The custody of the younger son and the daughter will go to the wife.
  2. The husband has to bear the education expenses of the younger son and the daughter.

Signature of the husband: Henry Lee

Signature of the wife: Katy Lee

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