A management contract template is a readymade draft of a legal document so as to facilitate us to understand how the management contracts are create and what clauses are added in them. The contract states the guidelines to create or draft a contract and also the basis on which terms and conditions are laid down.

Management Contract Template

Contract Number: ­­­­­­______________ (a number that is given by the authoritative organization)

Date of Registration: _____________ (date in dd/mm/yyyy format)

This is an agreement made between ______________ (name of party one), as the representative of the ‘A’ company which has its office at _________________ (address of the office) and _____________ (name of party two), as the representative of the management company having its office at _________________________ (address of the office).

Terms and Conditions:

  • The duration of the contract shall be______________________________ (the period during which the contract shall be valid)
  • The amount payable by the ‘A’ company to the management company shall be______________________ (amount in dollars)
  • The contract shall be terminated if ___________  (the clause regarding the termination of the contract)
  • In any case of treachery or breach, either of the parties shall have entire liberties to terminate the contract. (the clause giving either of the parties equal rights to terminate the contract)
  • It shall be the sole responsibilities of________________________________(clause stating the responsibilities of each parties)
  • Each party shall maintain a level of integrity and loyalty towards each other.

Hence, both the parties concerned are in approval of this contract.

Signature of party 1


Signature of Party 2


Signature of Witness


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