Management contract letter is a letter which is sent from one party to another in the case where a management contract is to be sealed between them. These letters act as formally drafted contracts of management which are made when one party offers to manage a office or any other entity belonging the other party in return of a certain amount of payment. These letters consist of legally enforceable terms and conditions which are to be obeyed by both the parties. Given below is a sample of a management contract letter.

Sample management contract letter:


Kell Potter (COMPANY)

Head management officer

Kell Corporation

4-p, first floor, Jacob road, LA


19th march 2012

Respected Mr. Potter,

Subject: Management contract letter

This is to inform you that I, Jack Dawson (MANAGER) am ready to work for your company at the position of the senior manager of the office. I have agreed to the various terms and conditions which are given as follows:

Terms and conditions:

  • The COMPANY has agreed to pay a sum of $1000 per month for the services provided by the MANAGER.
  • The MANAGER agrees to work as the office manager and perform duties such as maintenance, management, stationary filling etc.
  • The MANAGER agrees to work 6 days in a week and shall be offered a total of 30 paid holidays in the entire term of contract.

Termination date of contract: 19th March 2013

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Jack Dawson

34-h, second floor, Markson road



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