A management contract form is a formally drafted form which is used to fill the various details of a management contract which is formed between two or more than two parties in the case when one hires the other for some kind of a management work. Management contract forms consist of the terms and conditions of the contract which are legally binding for all the parties or persons involved apart from the regular details of any contract. Given below is a sample of a management contract form which can be used as a reference form.

Sample Management Contract Form:

This management contract has been made effective as on 23rd March 2012

Termination date of contract: 23rd March 2013

Period of contract: 12 months

This contract has been made by and between the parties with the following titles and details:


Name: Mathew furnishing store

Name of owner: Mathew Hedley

Contact number: 48738092730

Official address: 3-E, Fred road, LA


Name: Tim Gregory

Contact number: 4873232983

Residential address: 4-p, potter’s tower, LA

This contract makes the MANAGER liable to handle the various office works of the COMPANY and would basically be required to attend to the duties of an office manager.

Terms and conditions:

  • The COMPANY shall pay an amount of $2000 to the MANAGER for the entire period of the contract and within the first week of each month.
  • The MANAGER must be present in the office all days of the week except for Sundays and would get a total of 30 paid holidays for the entire term of the contract.

Signatures of the parties:

Tim Gregory                                                                   Mathew Hedley




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