A management consulting contract is commenced between the management consulting company and the interested organization, which is willing to hire the management services of the consultancy for handling the diverse organizational procedures.

Sample Management Consulting Contract:

Contract number: 78/ MC

Date: February 13th, 2011

This management consulting contract is made & registered between Morgan Sales & Marketing Companies Pvt. Ltd, Address: Office No: 89/ K, Wing- H, Baler’s Plaza, Spencer Road, New York, America, hereinafter referred as the client party.


Eagle Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd, Address: Office No; 45/ K, Cathedral Road, New York, America, hereinafter referred as the consultant party.

The client party is seeking to hire the management services of the consultant party for establishing the organization projects and the consultant party is agreed to work for the client party.

This contract is effective from February 14th, 2011 and is ending on February 14th, 2012.

Covenants & Consideration:

Duties of the Consultant Party:

The consultant party will manage the following mentioned project sections:

  • Inspecting the valuable resources and implementation of the effective management polices according to the hierarchy system of the client company.
  • Judging the associated lacks associated with the existing organization strategies and minimizing the failure factors.
  • Conducting the timely analysis and sharing the progress report with the client party.

Payment Terms:

The client party has already paid an amount of $ 54229 to initiate the project, whereas the consultant party will receive $ 10000 as monthly fees.

Termination Clause:

In case of any violence to the above explained terms, this contract will be treated as terminated.

Validation of the management consulting contract:

Client Party:                                                                                       Consultant Party:

Andrew Smith                                                                                    Anna Hopkinson

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