A makeup artist wedding contract is one that is entered into by the groom and the bride for makeup on the wedding day. This contract defines all the terms of service that the makeup artist has to offer on the wedding day including the charges that the makeup artist will be paid. The contract that is entered into between the couple and the makeup artist is that of an independent contract for the specified period of time without any principal agent relationship between the two parties.

Sample Makeup Artist Wedding Contracts

This contract for makeup is entered on 25th March, 2012 between Mr. John Anthony hereafter referred to as makeup artist and Mr. Johny D’couza and Ms. Lily Samantha hereafter referred to as wedding parties.

The terms of the contract are mentioned below:

Makeup artist obligations:-

  • The makeup artist agrees to provide makeup services on the day of wedding i.e. in 7th April, 2012 with due diligence and reasonable care.
  • The makeup artist agrees to provide makeup services promptly on the date and time agreed upon with the wedding parties.
  • The makeup artist shall ensure to carry all the products required for makeup and it shall not be provided by the wedding parties under any circumstances.
  • The makeup artist shall make use of his or her own transport to reach the place of wedding and all charges paid to the makeup artists are inclusive of the transport charges.

Wedding parties’ obligations:-

  • The wedding parties agree to pay the fees of $2000. Out of total fees, $500 will be paid as advance and the remaining after the marriage.
  • The wedding parties are bound to inform the makeup artist regarding any allergy for any products that might be used for makeup well in advance of the wedding date.
  • The wedding parties agree to inform the makeup artist of any changes in date and time of the wedding so that the makeup artist can make alternative arrangements accordingly.

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