A maintenance contract is a contract between a contractor and the client/user. It is an agreement for a fixed period of time and it comes in return for a fee paid to the contractor for the maintenance of a building or any equipment.

Sample maintenance Contract

Aqua Pure is a water filter maintenance company that provides repair, and maintenance of water filters on a contract basis.

The agreement is between aqua pure and the client with following details-

Client Information:

Name: Ms. Norah Parker

Address: 34, mink Road, east New York

Phone: 437984379489

Date of commencement of contract: 1’Th November, 2010

Duration of contract: 6 months

Water filter’s details:

Model Number: 23-X

Company: Keel water filters

Bought in the year: 2006

Payment details:

Payment Mode: credit card

Amount to be paid: $250 for 6 months

Terms and conditions to be followed:

  • The company agrees to fix and repair any problems related to the water filter on phone complaint criteria.
  • The company must do its best to attend to the complaint within 48 working hours.
  • The client shall make complaint calls on all days except Sundays.
  • The company must confirm the proper functioning of the filter every month.
  • The client must be present with the employee of Aqua Pure during inspection or repair.
  • It should be the responsibility of the company to take utmost care during maintenance and repair and avoid further damage to the equipment.

The company and the client agree to the contract details:

Norah Parker                      Henry James

(Client)                               (Aqua pure)

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