A maintenance contract letter is a written document which is sent from one party to another in the case where both of them are involved in a formal agreement which entitles one party to work for the maintenance of an entity owned by the other party. The maintenance contract letter is used by one party to inform the other of all the terms and conditions of the contract. Given below is a sample of a maintenance contract letter which can be used as a reference document.

Sample maintenance contract letter:


Mr. Tim Mathews

Owner, Rochel group of companies

56-f, Jack n jill road, LA


1ST Jan 2012

Respected Mr. Mathews,

Subject: maintenance contract letter

This is to inform you that I, the COMPANY have decided to hire your company for the maintenance works for my property situated at 5-H, peter street, LA and have entitled you to be called the MAINTENANCE COMPANY as per our discussion over the telephone.

The following are the details of the maintenance contract:

Termination date of contract: 1st July 2012

Maintenance work payment: $5000

Tasks included: repair, maintenance, management of space, cleanliness

The following shall be the terms and conditions of the contract:

  • The COMPANY must pay the amount in two parts: first half at the beginning of the contract and the second part after the completion on the termination date.
  • The MAINTENANCE COMPANY must regularly visit the property and look after the maintenance. The items required for the various tasks shall not be paid for by the COMPANY.

Thanking you

Michael Baven

34-d, marks and Spencer’s road


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