A long term sales contract is a legal document which is drafted between the buyer and seller of products or services for a long period of time. These types of contracts include the details of the parties, the types of products sold, selling price, validity of the contract and other terms and conditions which are agreed between the parties.

Sample Long Term Sales Contract

Long term sales contract number: LTS 23

Effective date of contract: 10th of July 2011

This long term sales contract has been drafted and entered into between Gas Garments referred to as the buyer with principal office address located at12 New Mountain Road, New York, New Jersey 4523 and Raw Manufacturers referred to as the seller with principal office address located at 22 Old Mountain Road, New York, New Jersey 4527.

As per the contract the seller will be a regular supplier of readymade garments to the buyer.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Contract validity: The contract is valid for at least three years from the contract effective date.
  2. Mode of payment: The payment made by the buyer will be on a monthly basis. They will have to make the payment by the 1st week of the month and via check or online transfer.
  3. Delivery: The seller is responsible for delivering the products at the warehouse of the buyer. The seller will be held responsible for any damage caused while delivery.

Signature of the seller:                                              Signature of the buyer:

John Mayo                                                              Ken West

(MD, Gas Garments)                                                             (MD, Raw Manufacturers)

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