A loan contract letter is a letter which is sent from one party to another to seal the terms or details of a loan contract. These formal documents are used by one of the involved parties, either the borrower or the lender to inform the other about the clauses of the loan contract. Loan contract letters specify the details such as the addresses, names, contact information etc of both the parties apart from the promises and covenants on the basis of which the contract is signed. Given below is a sample of a loan contract letter given for your reference purpose.

Sample loan contract letter:


Mr. Robert Handing

MD, Handing Enterprise

78-j, first floor, Fort road, LA


12th May 2012

Subject: Loan contract terms and conditions and other details

Dear Mr. Handing

This is to inform you that I,  the LENDER , agree to the certain terms and conditions of the Loan contract and wish to share with you, the BORROWER the details of the same.

Loan amount: $20000

Loan repayment date: 12th Nov 2012

Terms and conditions are given as below:

  • The BORROWER agrees to repay the amount on time and realises that if there is any delay then he shall be liable to pay an additional sum of $1000.
  • The LENDER agrees to the fact that he shall ensure that the amount is not used for any illegal manner or any way which is not acceptable by law.

Please confirm the receipt of this letter

Thanking you

Mathew Harvard

34-H, Fredson road, LA


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