A loan contract example is an example of an actual loan contract which is given to help readers understand what a loan contract actually looks like and what all details it must cover. Loan contracts are documents which are made by and between a borrower and a lender of a loan to mutually agree to certain clauses as per which both the parties shall function as long as the loan term is effective. Given below is a sample of a loan contract example which can be used for reference by any person.

Sample loan contract example:

This loan contract has been made effective as on the date: 5th April 2012

Termination date of contract: 5th Oct 2012

This contract has been formed between the LENDER and the BORROWER whose details are given as follows

LENDER details:

Name: Mr. Fred Nicholson

Contact number: 47309433892

Official address: 4-u, parks lane, CA

BORROWER details:

Name: Mr. Peter Pettigrew

Official address: 3-p, Greg tower, CA

Contact number: 48734833982

Loan Details:

Loan type: Money loan

Loan amount: $5000

Repayment date: 5th Oct 2012

Terms and conditions:

  • The LENDER agrees to offer a loan of the above said amount to the BORROWER on the condition that the BORROWER must not delay the repayment after end of contract.
  • The BORROWER must pay an additional amount of $500 in case of any late repayment or other case of non payment.
  • The BORROWER must not use the loan money for any illegal activity or purchase.

Signatures of the parties:

Fred Nicholson

Peter Pettigrew

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