A license contract is a document drafted between an individual or an organization referred to as the licensee and the State or the licensing authority referred to as the licensor whenever the licensee applies for a license to carry out a certain business or possess an object for which license is required. The contract also states the purpose for which license is being issued to the individual.

Sample License Contract

License contract number: LC 34

Effective date of contract: 12th of November 2011

This license contract has been drafted and entered onto between John Marshall referred to as the licensee residing at 45 Tango Charlie Road, New York, New Jersey and Licensing Authority of Colorado referred to as the licensor with principal office address located at 21 Roger Moore Street, New York, New Jersey.

Whereas the licensor grants the licensee trading license to make financial transactions in business owned by the licensee with office located, at:

55 Henry Cooper Road,

New York, New Jersey.

The various terms and conditions to be accepted by the licensee are as follows:

  1. The license contract is effective from 12th of November 2011 and expires on 12th of November 2012. The licensee has to get his license renewed after that once every year or else his license will not be considered valid.
  2. The licensee will have to pay licensing fees of $1000 in advance.
  3. The licensee assures that he will not be involved in any illegal trading or else his license will be cancelled.

Signature of licensee:                                                             Signature of licensor:

John Marshall                                                                      Glenn Lee

(On behalf of Licensing Authority of Colorado)

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