A license contract template is a written detailed format of a license contract. Such documents are readymade and can be moulded according to personal use and need. Templates are helpful as they save time and requirement of expert knowledge.

Sample license contract template:

License Contract Code: _____________________ [The fixed code for this kind of a license contract]

Effective date: ___/___/_______ [date of contract issue]

This license contract is entered into by _______ [name of LICENSOR], who is herein referred to as the LICENSOR and ____________ [name of PURCHASER], who is herein referred to as the PURCHASER.

Contact Details of LICENSOR:

Address: _________________

Contact number: _____________________

Contact details of PURCHASER:

Address: ___________________

Contact Number: ___________________

Payment Details:

The PURCHASER agrees to pay an amount of $____ to the LICENSOR for the license.

The amount to be paid each month accounts to $______

Period of contract:

Commencement date: __/___/________ [date/month/year]

Termination date: __/____/__________ [date/month/year]

Both the parties henceforth agree to follow the certain terms of this contract for the entire duration of contract and realise that the violation of the contract will result in pre termination of the contract.

The following are the covenants and promises which are mutually agreed upon by the parties involved in this contract:

  • The LICENSOR agrees to grant license to the PURCHASOR on the condition that [write down the various conditions and terms laid down by the LICENSOR].
  • The PURCHASER agrees to use the license in an appropriate way under the condition that [mention the condition of the PURCHASER].

Hence, both parties have given their validation by signing the contract as follows:

[Signature of LICENSOR]           [Signature of PURCHASER]

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