License contract form is a formally drafted document which is framed when two or more than two parties agree to get into a contract based on licensing. These contract forms are legally binding in nature in the sense that they consist of certain terms and conditions which are legally enforceable and cannot be violated by any of the involved parties. The license contract is formed between licensor and licensee. Given below is a sample of a license contract form which can be used by reference.

Sample License Contract Form:

This license contract has been formed and made effective as on 29thMarch 2012Termination date of contract: 29th March 2013

Length of contract: 12 months


 This license contract has been made by and between two parties, licensee and licensor:LICENSEE:

Name: Mr. Robert Matt

Contact number: 42843092303

Address: r-90, second floor, Martin house square, LA

LICENSOR:Name: Mr. Tim Hedley

Contact number: 49234239203

Address: F-78, first floor, Paulo tower, LA

 Details of license:The LICENSOR agrees to give a license to the LICENSEE that he can use the LICENSOR’S name and brand symbol etc. For personal use as long as the contract term is valid.

The LICENSEE has to pay an amount of $10000 in total for the license.

Terms and conditions:

  • The LICENSOR agrees to give the rights of the brand name ‘Hedley enterprise’ to the LICENSEE for personal use only and not official purpose.
  • The LICENSEE agrees to pay the due amount within the first month of the contract term and shall be fined if found to delay the payment.


Robert Matt

Tim Hedley


License Agreements

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