License contract example is an example of an actual license contract which is a type of a contract or agreement which is formed between a licensor and a licensee in the case when the licensor agrees to give a certain license to the licensee. These license contract examples are used to specify the various points which must be mentioned in any such contract such as details of parties, terms and conditions, signatures etc. Given below is a sample of a license contract example for your use and reference.

Sample License Contract Example:

This license contract example has been made effective as on the effective date of 19th May 2012.

This license contract shall remain into effect for 12 months.

This license contract will expire on 19th May 2013

This license contract is formed by and between Mr. Greg Mathew who is hereby referred to as the LICENSOR and Mr. Jack Jones who is hereby referred to as the LICENSEE.

The details of both the parties are mentioned as follows


Contact number: 447204238092

Address: F-78, first floor, Matt lane, LA


Contact number: 472094730921

Address: E-89, second floor, Paulo road, LA

The LICENSOR agrees to give a license for conducting export and import of products under the brand name ‘ Mathew cosmetics’ to the LICENSEE.

Terms and conditions:

  • The LICENSEE agrees to pay an amount of $12000 to the LICENSOR in the first month of the contract term.
  • The LICENSOR must give complete rights of export and import to the LICENSEE and holds the right to demand details of the transactions during the term of contract.


Greg Mathew

Jack Jones

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