A license and cooperation contract is a legal as well as official document drafted when an individual or an organization gets the license to work together with another individual or an organization. The party procuring the license is referred to as the licensee and the party giving the right to work together is known as the licensor.

Sample License and Cooperation Contract

License and cooperation contract number: LC 23

Effective date of contract: 30th November 2011

This license and cooperation contract has been made between Sun Pharmacy Medicals, referred to as the licensee with principal business address being 23 Aspen High Road, Florida, Finland Alps Medical Centre referred to as the licensor with location address being 45 Jane Austen Road, Florida, Finland.

As per the contract the licensee will cooperate with the licensor in coming up with medical solutions for treatment of the patients admitted at the medical centre.

The terms and conditions agreed by both the parties are as follows:

  1. The contract begins on 30th November 2011 and expires on 29th November 2013. The renewal of the contract is at the discretion of both the parties.
  2. The licensee will be the patent right owner of the few medical solutions suggested by them.
  3. Both the parties assure that they will maintain confidential information and not give it out to a third party. In case either of them is found doing so, the contract can be terminated.

Find the signature of both the parties mentioned below:

Signature of licensee:                                                             Signature of licensor:

John Woo                                                                   Bruce Lee

(MD, Sun Pharmacy Medicals)                                          (MD, Alps Medical Centre)

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